Classes, Seminars & Workshops

Running Technique Workshop:

Runners are prone to many injuries that can be quite limiting and bothersome. This workshop is designed to get to the root biomechanical issues and help educate how to avoid common running injuries. In this workshop, Dr. Harmony Mir can offer education on running technique, drills, stretches, nutrition and breathing & postural exercises that will help the runners performance.

Ergonomic Advice:

Many ergonomic risk factors can lead to injuries and unpleasant aches and pains. Awkward postures, highly repetitive motions, high hand force, repeated impacts, lifting, hand/arm vibration, and many other ergonomic responsibilities can take a toll on the body. This can cause reduced productivity, efficiency, safety and quality of life.
Dr. Harmony Mir can provide advice on ergonomic safety and stress management to help prevent fatigue and discomfort.

Prenatal/Postnatal and Pediatric Advice:

Dr. Harmony Mir is dedicated to helping families have healthy pregnancies, births and children. By providing advice on pregnancy and pediatrics, Dr. Harmony Mir can help your family optimize their health. Presenting seminars and talks on prenatal care, colic, bedwetting, asthma, breastfeeding, baby wearing to bring awareness and understanding.

Musician’s Preservation:

Being a professional musician takes dedication and commitment. To be able to prepare for a single performance requires hours of practice a day, making musicians a special risk group for repetitive strain injuries. While injuries are common amongst musicians, they CAN be prevented. Dr. Harmony Mir can provide advice and tips to help improve on posture, ergonomics, breathing and how to listen to your body. The “show must go on” and Dr. Harmony can help make it trouble-free.