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Chiropractic is highly recognized in the athletic arena and industry. Athletic Injuries & Chiropractic Kelowna provide combination of Chiropractic & Massage to help you get back in the game. Whether an athlete is on a team or playing an individual sport, Chiropractic care can help them stay on top of their game. Both professional and recreational athletes benefit from Chiropractic care because the goal is the same; to stay healthy and strong.

A Chiropractic doctor as part of the healthcare team of an athlete is important. When you consider the stresses and forces placed on you athletic  muscles and joints. Their bodies require a state of constant peak physical condition to withstand being continually pushed to their limit. With the demanding physical training schedules and hard workouts, the athlete can be more susceptible to injury.

Chiropractors main areas of focus are the muscular system, nervous system and skeletal system. Anyone can benefit from having a Chiropractor treat the nerves, muscles and joints of their body, however, athletes and individuals who have a vigorous physical activity schedule should seek the proper care.

Our Kelowna Athletic Chiropractor:

Dr. Harmony Mir has been fortunate enough to have plenty of experience treating athletes. Her career has brought her everything from former Olympians to professional NHL players as Chiropractic patients. Dr. Harmony utilizes several different techniques in her treatments including various Soft tissue techniques, Graston, Taping techniques. She also uses Spinal Manipulative therapy, Joint mobilizations, Specific exercise prescription, and Nutritional advice. In addition to this Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic is equipped with various different modalities including, Interferential Current, Microcurrent, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Combination Therapy, and Tens Therapy.

What is Graston Technique?

ballerinas need chiropractic CareGraston Technique is a soft tissue mobilization technique that helps break down adhesions that may be present in your musculoskeletal system. A practitioner who offers Graston uses a set of stainless steel tools to scrape away. They treat scar tissue and calcifications that may be present in your muscles, joints or ligaments.

These stainless steel tools have beveled edges which allows the Chiropractor to glide the tool against your tissue with varying pressures that are based on the individual, diagnosis and treatment area. During a Graston treatment, proper creams are used on the skin to prevent any skin irritations or tears.

These treatments are not intended to be painful but can be uncomfortable in certain cases. Most patients experience reddening of the skin and some patients experience mild bruising following the treatments. Similar therapies to Graston technique date back to ancient times and instead of using stainless steel tools, materials like whalebone, rock and carved wood were useful to provide a similar treatments.

Is Graston Technique beneficial:

What makes Graston so effective is the increase in blood flow it creates to the tissue that chiropractors treated. It does help break down adhesions and scar tissue that may have been building for years. It also brings nutrients to the area by increasing the blood flow. Then after the tissue heals, new strong soft tissue starts to build where there was calcifications and scar tissue. The end result is replacing chronically injured tissue with new strong tissue that is more nourished and flexible.

Dr. Harmony Mir KelwonaDr. Mir always had a passion to help others and help people feel better. Gaining her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Acadia University, she also ran with the varsity x-country running team. Sustaining many injuries as a varsity athlete not only affected her ability to compete, it also hindered her as a performer. It was through the safe and natural process of Chiropractic care that she was able to shine both in the race and on the stage.

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