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Our staff of highly qualified Registered Massage Therapists can offer information and treatments for a variety of individual needs. Contact us or book online, for more information on available services or to set up an appointment with a Registered Massage Therapist today. Some of our Registered Massage Therapists do accept extended health care plans and bill to them directly.

Massage therapy is defined as the prevention and treatment of injury, pain, physical disorders, and dysfunction of the soft tissues such as the muscles and tendons. Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in British Columbia can assess soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions, provide both active and passive hands-on treatment, and are trained to predict a recovery time for each patient.


There are many different techniques used in massage therapy, and some of the techniques are talked about in detail here:


  • Swedish massage

Also called a classic massage, Swedish massage releases muscle tension and allows for relaxation. This technique can stimulate circulation in the muscles and increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Therapists practicing the Swedish massage technique use kneading, deep circular movements, passive joint movements, and long strokes.


  • Deep tissue massage

Like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage uses stroke and movement techniques. However, more pressure is applied to work into the deeper layers of the connective muscle and tissue to break up scar tissue and reduce muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can help with problems such as sports injuries and sciatica and it isprimarily used to treat chronic pain. Registered Massage Therapists practicing deep tissue massage target the inner layers of the muscles, while Swedish massage targets the superficial layers. This technique is used by our RMT Bob Tran.





  • Prenatal massage

This type of massage therapy is beneficial during pregnancy. It can help with joint and muscle pain, limb swelling, neck and back pain, and headaches. Women can begin prenatal massage at any point in their pregnancy.   Our Top Kelowna RMT Genene does prenatal massage, Dr. Harmony has keen interest in Pediatrics and Pregnancy and does a great deal of prenatal chiropractic care , so you would be most satisfied with a combination of  her treatment and Genene Prenatal Massage back to back during your pregnancy.






  • Manual lymphatic drainage

This is a light, skin stretching massage technique that can help speed up the speed of lymph fluid flow through the lymphatic system. Manual lymph drainage focuses on the lymph vessels to aid in the flow of lymphatic fluid. Our RMT Genene Maurice utilizes this technique in his treatments.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our RMTs or with Dr. Harmony, feel free to give us a call at (250) 868-8086 or take advantage of our online booking system at . We are looking forward to meeting you.

Initial and Subsequent Treatments

Massage therapy is an extremely versatile and practical treatment for many conditions. Initial treatments start with a one on one consultation between you and your massage therapist. We recommend you booking either a 45 or 60-minute treatment for your initial appointment to allow time for the initial assessment. During your initial appointment, you will discuss any areas of concern listed on your confidential patient intake form. The primary area of concern will be the focus of the massage.

Subsequent treatments range from  45 or 60  minutes in length.

Most (Not all) of our Massage Therapists direct bill to the following providers:

  • Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  • ICBC
  • RCMP
  • Personal Extended Health Plans to most extended health care plans (typically cover 80% to 100% of treatment costs)





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