Exercise, Stress & Nutritional Support

Exercise, Stress & Nutritional Support Kelowna

“Wellness” is a vast term many doctors and healthcare providers use but what exactly is wellness? Here at Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic we believe wellness is a little bit of everything and we try to address “Wellness care” through good nutritional recommendations, proper exercises and physical activity, and a well adjusted body.

Wellness is looking at adopting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates the balance between physical health and emotional health. The mind, the body and the emotional/spiritual well-being all go into the total health and wellness of an individual.

A Chiropractor helps their patients balance all the aspects of Wellness into their life. Nutrition, fitness and stress/emotional support are central factors in helping patients progress to their health goals. Not only will a Chiropractor adjust your joints and address your muscle tension, but they also make improvements to your exercise, diet and the stressors of your life.

There are three main Stressors in the environment: 1. Chemical Stress, 2. Physical Stress and 3. Emotional Stress. Chemical stress is addressed through nutritional and supplemental advice. We are all different in our biochemical construction so everyones individual needs will vary to suit their specific needs. Physical stress is addressed through the Chiropractic adjustments, mobilizations and soft tissue work paired with exercise recommendations. By gaining the education in exercise and nutrition, the body starts to balance itself in health and this results in a reduction in emotional stress. Statistics have shown that individuals involved in some kind of physical exercise program will improve their lifestyle and cut down their stress by approximately 65%.

Dr. Harmony Mir Chiropractor KelownaDr. Harmony Mir believes in the Wellness model of health and uses this model in practice. She likes to incorporate exercise prescription, nutritional recommendations and various Chiropractic and soft tissue treatment techniques into her treatments. Dr. Mir believes in treating the “whole” body and likes to see her patients feel better and live happier lives.

Good health makes authentic living possible!






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