Acupuncture and Gastrointestinal Health

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Acupuncture and Gastrointestinal HealthA phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.

The ancient practice of acupuncture has gained significant popularity in recent years as a complementary therapy for a wide range of health conditions. Among its many applications, acupuncture has shown promise in promoting gastrointestinal and gut health. This blog post explores the science behind acupuncture and its benefits in managing digestive issues, offering a holistic approach to improving overall well-being.


Understanding AcupunctureA phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. Acupuncture points or acupoints, are connected by meridians that carry the body’s vital energy, known as Qi (pronounced “chee”). By stimulating these acupoints, acupuncture aims to restore the balance of Qi and enhance the body’s natural healing processes.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Recent research has shed light on the intricate relationship between the gut and the brain, often referred to as the “gut-brain axis.” This connection underscores the importance of a healthy gastrointestinal system not only for digestion but also for overall well-being, including mental health. Acupuncture’s impact on this relationship is twofold: it can directly influence gut function and indirectly affect brain health through the gut-brain axis.

Gut dysbiosis causes an increase in gut permeability and an increase in systemic inflammatory cytokines that promote inflammation. This inflammatory response alters the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and results in neuroinflammation. This process is associated with anxiety and depression. Pro-inflammatory cytokines also stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, ultimately elevating levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Direct Effects on Gut Health

Acupuncture is known to positively impact gastrointestinal health through various mechanisms. One such mechanism is the regulation of gut motility, which helps to alleviate symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders. Additionally, acupuncture reduces inflammation in the gut, which causes conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Indirect Effects on Brain Health

Acupuncture’s influence on gut health indirectly affects the brain through the intricate gut-brain axis. This connection highlights the bidirectional communication between the digestive system and the brain. By modulating gut function, acupuncture can significantly impact mental well-being, including emotional and cognitive states.

Moreover, as acupuncture aids in regulating gut motility and reducing gut inflammation, it indirectly contributes to enhancing brain health. By mitigating factors that contribute to gastrointestinal discomfort, acupuncture supports a healthier gut environment. This, in turn, lessens the inflammatory response that could potentially affect brain function via the gut-brain axis.

Acupuncture Points for Gastrointestinal Health

Acupuncture practitioners target specific acupoints to address digestive issues. Some of the commonly used acupoints for gastrointestinal health include:

  1. Stomach 36 (ST36): Located below the knee, ST36 improves digestion and reduces nausea.
  2. Spleen 6 (SP6): Situated above the ankle, SP6 alleviates abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.
  3. Large Intestine 4 (LI4): Found on the hand, LI4 reduces constipation and promotes regular bowel movements.


Acupuncture, with its emphasis on balancing the body’s energy flow, offers a holistic approach to promoting gastrointestinal and gut health. By directly affecting gut function and indirectly influencing the gut-brain axis, acupuncture can provide relief from a range of digestive issues while also reducing stress and anxiety. While acupuncture is not a standalone treatment for gastrointestinal disorders, it can be a valuable complementary therapy when integrated into a comprehensive healthcare plan. Consult with a qualified acupuncture practitioner at Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness clinic to discuss your specific needs and improve your digestive health.


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