Overcoming My Back Problems with Dr. Harmony Mir (Guest post by Molly Gibson Kirby)

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Anyone who knows me well will know that I’ve been experiencing back problems since I was in college. I was in a car accident and my back was injured due to major whiplash.


I’ve been trying to get it sorted for years. I’ve been to chiropractors in Ontario and Manitoba, I’ve had acupuncture, massages and I’ve gone to physiotherapy, but nothing has worked.


That is until I met Dr. Harmony Mir.


Dr. Mir owns Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Kelowna, B.C., and she’s officially changed my life and relieved my back problems.


To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first about going to another chiropractor because I had been to many before where they welcome you in, have you sit or lay down, align your back and then you’re pushed you’re out the door. They seem too busy to really get to know you and your aches and pains.


Dr. Harmony Mir is different and I could tell the moment I walked into her office. She is located in Kelowna’s beautiful Pandosy Village. Her office has a calming and welcoming atmosphere and her staff treat you like they’ve known you for years. There is a true family feeling to the clinic.


My first appointment with Dr. Harmony was an hour long. She and I talked about my history with chiropractors, my ever-growing list of pain points and what I was currently doing to alleviate my pain.


After our talk, she looked at my spine and came to the conclusion I have slight scoliosis.


This shocked me! I was a dancer when I was younger, had x-rays done previously, been to several chiropractors and no one ever mentioned the possibility that my scoliosis could be the reason why my ribs like to pop out of alignment on a regular basis. Ouch – I know!


With this conclusion, Dr. Harmony gave me certain exercises to do to strengthen my back and ease my scoliosis. She also adjusted my ribs back into their happy place, aligned my spine and neck and hugged me goodbye.


I’ve seen Dr. Harmony probably 6 or 7 times since then and I look forward to every appointment. After my initial 60 minute appointment, my time slot changed to 30 minutes and in that time you always have Dr. Harmony’s full attention.


At the beginning of my appointments we talk about my level of discomfort, what I’ve been doing activity wise (like training for my half marathon) and just catch up. After that, I lay down on my stomach and she does Interferential Current (IFC) Treatment on me with a warm heating pad. It feels like these small currents run across my back to loosen my knots and relieve my back/shoulder pain. This usually lasts 5-6 minutes.


After the machine beeps, Dr. Harmony comes back into the room, warms some soothing oils through her hands and begins to massage my back. Dr. Harmony has a constant positive aura surrounding her, which emits calmness and relaxation. You really can’t help but feel happy and fulfilled when you’re in her presence.


You can tell that Dr. Harmony’s business is not only her career but also her passion. She puts the effort into creating a connection with every single patient. She cares, it’s obvious the minute you meet her, and she makes it her mission to help ease your pain and discomfort.


Singing Chiropractor !

If you’re lucky, while she’s massaging you, she may even grace you with her singing. Dr. Harmony received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from Acadia University in Nova Scotia and when she sings in the office, her voice travels into the waiting room, creating this warmth in whoever’s soul is listening.


Once the massage is over (I never want it to finish!), the alignments begin. Depending on the person, Dr. Harmony will work her magic and align whichever part of the body that needs it. She’s aligned my back, neck and pelvis. Each time she performs chiropractic care on me, it never leaves me in pain and it shouldn’t to anyone! It’s an instant feeling of correctness. No pain – only looseness and opening of joints and muscles.


I know a lot of people can be wary of chiropractors because of some horror stories out there, but let me tell you, Dr. Harmony Mir is the best Doctor I’ve ever met.


Since going to Dr. Harmony Mir my back pain has lowered by 90%. Yes, I still have bad days where all I can do is wiggle around and stretch, but there are also weeks where I go without feeling any pain. I’ve found doing maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks helps me keep the pain at bay.


The moral of this story is: if you are a Kelowna resident and have been thinking about getting a chiropractor to help you, stop procrastinating.


I read on Dr. Harmony’s website that “your first wealth is your health” and I couldn’t agree more.

-This is a Guest post by local writer & Blogger AND Dr. Harmony Mir’s patient Molly Gibson Kirby. To read more of Molly’s writings please go tohttp://thebookofmolly.com








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