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Hey You… Drink Some Water!


We are all very well aware that water is good for us, however there are a few things we aren’t exactly sure of, like why, or how much? In my opinion, water is really a miracle worker!


How much water should I be drinking in a day?

            I am sure you know, the age-old saying ‘you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day’ – however, truth may present that to be false, and there really shouldn’t be one standard. We are all built completely different, no person is the exact same!  It is actually quite simple to tell when you’re thirsty, if you listen carefully to your own body and be sure not to ignore its calls for water, when you feel thirsty!

If you are unfamiliar with your natural queues from your body that it needs water, there is a fact that I read, that in my opinion seems a little more accurate – If you try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. For instance, if you weigh 130lbs – half of that being 65lbs, drink approximately 65 ounces of water a day! Seeing as the human body is roughly 50-70% water. Keep in mind however that the more you sweat, or urinate during the day; you will want to up your water intake!


How much is enough?

            There are a few ways for one to tell if they have drunk enough water as of late! The first telltale sign that your body needs more water – is your urine. A healthy and hydrated person’s urine should very pale yellow, if not completely clear. If you happen to notice that your urine is a darker shade of yellow, or has a pungent smell, then your body is not getting enough water! If you are very dehydrated, you will notice changes in your skin, which will become dry and possibly flaky. As well, another noticeable sign of dehydration is fatigue, and you may even seem hungrier than normal!   Sometimes people confuse being hungry, when the body is actually asking for water! So before you reach for that box of crackers, or a snack between meals, try having a glass of water first instead!


What are the benefits of drinking enough water?

                        There are a multitude of benefits on your body from consuming enough water! Like I had mentioned previously in this post, your body is made up of anywhere from 50% water, or higher! So obviously, without even having to explain, you need to keep the water levels of your body up! There are less obvious reasons to stay hydrated, which I will explain.

INCREASED ENERGY! Being dehydrated can completely zap your energy and make you feel exhausted, even the most mild dehydration (as little as 1-2% of your body weight) Your body’s signal of being thirsty, is actually a late queue, your already dehydrated if your feeling thirsty! – This can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness and other symptoms! Dehydration also taxes the heart, causing it to pump at much faster rates, in order to get sufficient oxygen to your muscles, therefore water allows your red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently, resulting in better muscular function and increased mental activity!

HEADACHE CURE! Another symptom of dehydration is headaches. More common than not, when we have headaches it’s simply a matter of not drinking enough water. There are of course many other causes for headaches, however dehydration is very common! Along with headaches being caused by dehydration, headaches can be caused by back pain, muscle tension etc. A hydrated body has the ability to lubricate joints, which will lessen the discomfort from back pain, arthritis or muscle tension!

WEIGHT LOSS! Did you know that water is one of the best tools to trim down that extra fat? How so? Water often replaces high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks, and alcohol. Water has no fat, no calories, no carbs or sugar! It is also a great appetite suppressant and often our body tricks us into thinking we are hungry, when really we are thirsty! So if you are looking to lose a few inches, up your water intake!

DIGESTION PROBLEMS! In order to function properly and digest our food, our digestive track needs a good amount of water. Our bodies require water in order to sufficiently pass toxins through our stool. Often, water can help cure stomach acid problems, as well as water with added fiber can cure constipation, which is another symptom of dehydration! PS: If you enjoy a glass or two of wine, or a few bevies every once in awhile, drinking water will ensure the duration of your dreaded hangover to be much shorter!

CLEANSING & KIDNEY HEALTH! Our bodies use water daily to help flush toxins and waste products from our system. The more water you drink, the better your kidneys are going to function!

HAIR, SKIN & NAILS! Drinking water aids in much more than internal issues, your appearance can also be greatly increased by being hydrated! Along with ensuring your body is removing toxins naturally, you are bound to have better skin (Goodbye Acne!) as well as keep those beautiful eyes of yours looking crisp, clear and hydrated by ensuring your electrolytes and potassium levels are in check! Your skin relies on water to obtain its elasticity. Without that elasticity, you are prone to wrinkles, dry skin, and under-eye bags. That flaky scalp you’ve been fighting with is a sure sign of dehydration, so be sure to keep up with drinking water in order to help solve that issue! FUN FACT: Upping your water intake can help calm that horrid sunburn!


TIRED OF BORING PLAIN WATER? A Super fun way to give your water some flavor as well as adding more nutrients that help target specific problematic areas and aid in detoxification is Fruit Infused Water! Here are some delicious combinations to try!

GREEN TEA, MINT & LIME Helps with Fat Burning, Digestions and Headaches!

CUCUMBER, LEMON & LIME Aids in Appetite Control, Digestion and Hydration!

STRAWBERRY, KIWI & CUCUMBER Supports Blood Sugar and Aids in Digestion!

LEMON, LIME & ORANGE Helps to Control Heartburn, Ups your Immune Defense and Digestion!

ORANGE, LEMON & MINT Boosts Immune System and Helps Digestion!

PINEAPPLE, LEMON & POMEGRANATE Helps Detoxify Your Body and is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory!

GINGER, CUCUMBER & LEMON Aids in Weight Loss and Sugar Control!

GUAVA, PASSIONFRUIT & KIWI Helps to Lower Blood Pressure!

CINNAMON, GREEN TEA & RASPBERRY Boost your Metabolism!

BLUEBERRY, APPLE & RASPBERRY Vitamin Rich Infusion high in Antioxidants!

MANGO, GINGER & CUCUMBER Aids in Digestion and Boosts your Immune System!

GRAPE, RASPERRY & CUCUMBER Detoxification and Natural Anti-Inflammatory!

LIME, GREEN TEA & LEMON Helps to Control Sugars and Aid in Weight Loss!

CHERRY, POMEGRANATE & KIWI Lowers Blood Pressure!

LEMON & MINT Boosts Metabolism!

STRAWBERRY, CRANBERRY & ORANGE High in Antioxidants and Vitamin Rich!


So do us a favor! Grab that water bottle, get creative with your infusions and stay hydrated! We promise you wont regret it!


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