Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, & Chiropractic Care

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Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow, and Chiropractic Care



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Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow: What are they? How are they similar? How are they different?

Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are both common repetitive strain injuries affecting the tendons around the elbow. When we repeat the same motions too often, microscopic tears can develop in our tendons faster than our bodies can repair them. The tendons slowly wear out over time resulting in inflammation and pain.

In both golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, the pain originates near the elbow and can radiate into your forearm and wrist. Despite their names, these injuries affect more than just athletes. People who work in jobs that require repetitive motions every day, such as plumbers, butchers, dentists, and musicians, are likely to develop these injuries.

Golfer’s elbow results in pain in the medial elbow where the tendons of your forearm muscle attach to the bony process on the inside of your elbow,So This pain is exacerbated when the wrist must bend against resistance. Pain with tennis elbow occurs on the lateral side where the tendons attach to the bony process on the outside of your elbow. You may notice this pain when shaking someone’s hand, turning a doorknob, or gripping an object. Golfer’s elbow is less common than tennis elbow.

How are golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow treated?

The pain of golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow can come on suddenly or gradually. In many cases, the symptoms of these injuries will go away after an adequate period of rest. However, without the proper rest or treatment, the pain will persist and can even spread into the forearm and the wrist.The tendons require time to repair themselves so taking a break from the repetitive motion that is bothering them will help dramatically. A phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.

Some doctors will prescribe painkillers to alleviate the symptoms and may resort to surgery if the problem remains. However, if you are looking for a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for your symptoms, chiropractic care is the way to go. Here at Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic in Kelowna, we offer a variety of treatments for golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and other repetitive strain injuries.

Your chiropractor can help you in four ways:

Break down scar tissue

  • Scar tissue can cause chronic pain and a reduced range of motion. Your chiropractor is trained to break down this scar tissue to restore blood flow and promote healing in the injured area.

Reduce inflammation

  • Joint adjustments performed by your chiropractor will help to realign your joints and reduce the inflammation in the area. You will notice your pain lessens as the inflammation is reduced.

Restore range of motion

  • Your chiropractor will gently manipulate your joints in a way that is designed to ensure they are moving correctly. With these adjustments, your range of motion will return to its full, pain-free capacity.

Suggest recovery exercises

  • There are several wrist extension, wrist flexion, and grip strengthening exercises that can be performed to aid in the healing process. Your chiropractor can suggest the best ones for your situation and teach you how to perform them properly.



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