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ICBC Chiropractic Kelowna

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At our clinic, you’re eligible for ICBC coverage on chiropractic appointments. ICBC is a motor vehicle insurance plan that is offered to anyone in British Columbia involved in a car crash. It is available for 12 weeks after the car accident.

This year, winter driving conditions in Kelowna are exceptionally icy, leading to numerous traffic delays. The increased use of technology has made distracted driving very common. Many factors, often unexpected or overlooked, can contribute to motor vehicle accidents while driving. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and mindful of these risks to ensure safer journeys on the road.

What does ICBC cover for Chiropractic?

It’s valuable to know what your ICBC coverage includes if you are involved in an accident because post-accident treatments are imperative to your recovery. With ICBC, there are 25 pre-approved treatments for chiropractic appointments. That includes the initial assessment as well as subsequent 15-minute follow-up appointments that are worth $65 each. If the chiropractor decides additional treatment is needed to return to pre-accident function, we submit a treatment plan to ICBC requesting these additional sessions. It doesn’t matter who was responsible for the crash to be eligible for these sessions. In order to get approval from ICBC, all you need is your personal health care number and your claim number.

Chiropractic Care and Motor Vehicle AccidentsA phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.

Chiropractors at Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic offer valuable treatment options for individuals affected by motor vehicle accidents. Our care alleviates the recovery process by reducing pain and preventing further aggravation of post-crash injuries. Additionally, our treatments enhance your range of motion and alleviate stress. We simplify the process by directly billing to ICBC, eliminating any extra steps for you. Book an appointment now with one of our chiropractors online or by calling (250) 868-8086.

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