ICBC Acupuncture Kelowna

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ICBC Acupuncture Kelowna

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You’re eligible for ICBC coverage on acupuncture appointments at our clinic. ICBC is a motor vehicle insurance plan that is offered for anyone who is a resident of Kelowna that is involved in a car crash. It is available up to 12 weeks after the car accident.

Car accidents can occur unexpectedly, often leading to highly dangerous outcomes. Moreover, factors such as drinking and driving, distracted driving, and treacherous winter roads significantly increase the risk of a harmful car crash. With these hazards looming, it’s crucial to remain vigilant on the road and be aware of drivers around you.

What does ICBC cover for Acupuncture?

Treatment can make a difference in the recovery process after a car accident, so it is important to know what ICBC covers. There are 12 pre-approved acupuncture treatments with ICBC. In summary, the initial appointment is covered as well as the follow-up appointments that are worth $95 each. You are eligible for this coverage regardless of the cause of accident. If the acupuncturist thinks more treatment is needed to return to pre-accident function, we submit a treatment plan to get additional treatment sessions. To get approved coverage from ICBC, all you need is your personal health care number and your claim number.

Acupuncture and Motor Vehicle AccidentsA phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine and it works by using small needles to trigger specific parts of the body. This type of treatment will be beneficial for those impacted in motor vehicle accidents and is used concurrently with other therapy’s. Acupuncture reduces inflammation, which ultimately relieves pain and induces relaxation. At Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic, we direct bill to ICBC, thus making it easier and faster for you! Book now with one of our acupuncturists in Kelowna online or by calling (250) 868-8086.

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