Insomnia & Acupuncture Care

Insomnia & Acupuncture Care


Sleep is a special state of the body, brain and mind during which we not only restore our capability to start another day but also repair, detoxify, and heal ourselves, on both a physical and mental level. In essence, our wellbeing depends on good sleep. Research continues to provide more evidence that sleep deprivation, acute or chronic, results in a substantial change in the interactions between all physiological systems (endocrine, immune, central and autonomic nervous system, digestive, lymphatic, and others). These changes have critical short and long-term effects on our health. For example, several studies that looked into the relationship of hormones and sleep suggest that sleep disturbances can predispose the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

How Can Acupuncture Help?

In TCM, the disruption of sleep is associated with the disturbance of Shen. Shen refers to the mind and lives within the heart. Chinese Medicine views Shen as either disturbed or balanced:

1) Disturbed Shen: Presents with a lack of emotion or spirit, illogical reasoning and symptoms of mental illness.

2) Balanced Shen: Presents as healthy, harmonious and level-headed.

TCM believes that fatigue arise’s from an imbalance of the body’s energy flow. The goal of acupuncture is to restore this imbalance through treating the source of the problem and not the symptoms. Chinese medicine has a long-lasting history of treating insomnia using herbs, acupuncture, Tui na massage, Qigong, and diet. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine seek to address the root cause of insomnia and sleep disorders. Your Acupuncturist will help in treating you as a whole instead of just your symptoms to help restore your health. It is a great non-drug and natural approach to treating these issues. If you are struggling to get a good nights rest, acupuncture can be effective in improving your quality of sleep!

At Home Tips For a Better Sleep

– Take a quiet, slow walk before going to bed, open the window in the bedroom, and lower the room temperature.

– Try to avoid these things before bed: food, caffeine, excessive visual, audio and emotional stimulation (i.e. watching TV, playing computer games, phone), heavy exercise, and alcohol.

– Try giving yourself a foot massage before bed and focus on the bottom of the foot as this is an acupuncture point!


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