Teen Counselling

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Teen Counselling

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At our clinic in Kelowna, we offer teen counselling. Counselling during these adolescent years can be very effective as it allows for a space to address and work through problems.

Why is it important for teenagers?

Being a teen can be significantly stressful as there’s often a lot of pressure in many aspects of life at this age. Making friends, grades, applying to university, relationships, finances, family conflicts and extracurricular activities all take a toll on your mental health. These factors can also make it difficult to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Parents, peers, teachers and social media are all social influences that may be adding pressure to teens.

The teen years are often about finding your identity and values, which can come with a lot of trial and error in A phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.making friends. Teens are not adults yet, and are therefore still trying to navigate themselves through the social world and decide who they want to be and what they stand for. As a result, it’s common to have conflicts with peers at school that result in stress or anxiety. Peer pressure and class presentations are a few other ways anxiety can be provoked as a teen. It’s common to feel burnt out with the overwhelming schedule of a high school student!

How can teens benefit from counselling?

Counselling provides young individuals with an outlet to be heard. Being able to identify and work through emotions assists in managing the chaos of the teenage lifestyle. Talking to peers or parents about issues can be uncomfortable and sometimes can lack understanding. Counselling lets teens work through their emotions with guidance and direction. Therefore, counselling provides an environment suitable for expression without judgment.  Counselling can help teens make beneficial changes to their mental health and allow them to thrive and understand themselves better during the stress of the teen years. Book an appointment now with our counsellor Joseph!

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