Bad Posture & Chiropractic

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Bad Posture & Chiropractic



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You probably remember as a kid being told to “stop slouching” and not thinking anything of it at the time but as you get older, you may know start to understand. Maintaining good posture goes beyond appearance, it can prevent strain on your joints, muscles, and spine. This will also alleviate pain and reduce the likelihood of injury. If your posture is out of alignment, your muscles need to work harder to contract. This could lead to soft tissue injury or excess wear and tear on your joints. These injuries become aches and pains in the short term, and may develop into degenerative osteoarthritis. Learn more how Chiropractic Adjustment can fix Bad Posture!

What is the difference between good and bad posture?

You may ask though, what is posture and what is the difference between good and bad? Let’s backtrack a little. Posture is the position you hold your body in while standing, sitting or laying down. The key to good posture is the position of your spine, and it is often called a neutral spine. Bad posture doesn’t have to mean that you’re lazy, it can be from unsupportive shoes, genetics, stress, weak muscles, foot problems, etc. It is especially hard to sit for long hours behind a computer and remain in good posture.

A phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.Bad posture can:

  • Misalign your musculoskeletal system
  • Make your spine more fragile
  • Cause neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Decrease your flexibility

A few examples of common postural issues:

  • A“swayback is when the spine curves too far inward at the lower back. This posture can resemble an “s” when viewed from the side, with the stomach projecting forward and the buttocks projecting out
  • Rounded shoulders. This happens when tight muscles pull the shoulders forward (toward the chest). Common in office workers.
  • Pushed-forward head. A forward head position is when the neck strains forward instead of staying vertical. This is also common in sedentary office workers, and can eventually lead to a hunched back.

Correct posture can:

  • Keep bones and joints in correct alignment
  • Decreases wearing down of joint surfaces
  • Reduces stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together
  • Allows muscles to work more efficiently
  • Helps prevent muscle strain and back and muscular pain

How can I improve my posture in my day-to-day life?

  • Be mindful of your posture throughout the dayA phone with the number 2 4 in it's center.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Stretch your muscles often
  • Don’t cross your legs
  • Make sure your feet touch the floor
  • Make sure your back is fully supported
  • Keep your head level
  • Stand up straight and keep your shoulders back
  • Sleep on your side or back, avoid sleeping on your stomach

How can a chiropractor help with fixing posture?

A chiropractor can help you with fixing bad posture by finding the underlying cause of your problems. By correcting the root of your bad posture, you can start sitting and standing up straight without having to constantly remind yourself.

Some things Dr. Harmony can do for your posture are:

  • Examining your posture: she’ll take a look at how you stand from behind and from the sides, taking note of things like uneven shoulders, arched back, twisted pelvis, or other symmetry issues
  • Adjustments: she will start by making adjustments to your shoulders, including slow joint movements to get you into the best position for good posture
  • Working with tissue: she will use muscle releases and strengthening exercises to correct this imbalance in your soft tissue
  • Stretching and rehabilitation: with deliberate exercises, stretches, and muscle relaxation, Dr. Harmony will work with you to make sure your overactive muscles get a break. Not only will this ease some of the tension that causes bad posture, but it allows your weaker muscles to grow stronger, fixing your posture for good.

Posture matters to your health because if your body position deviates from the norm, over time you can develop problems with breathing, mobility, or balance. Over time, bad posture that isn’t corrected can have a ripple effect on the body, creating problems where there were none previously.

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