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Knee Pain and Chiropractic

Knee Pain and Chiropractic Almost all of us have either experienced knee pain or know someone who is currently dealing with it. It is reported that 22.7% of the general population will experience knee pain annually. Activities such as stair climbing, kneeling down, getting in and out of bed, and…
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Bad Posture & Chiropractic

Bad Posture & Chiropractic       You probably remember as a kid being told to “stop slouching†and not thinking anything of it at the time but as you get older, you may know start to understand. Maintaining good posture goes beyond appearance, it can prevent strain on your…
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Chronic & Acute Pain

Acute vs. Chronic Pain             Any pain you are experiencing is unpleasant to say the least. There are a couple different types of pain that occur, and the main difference between them is the cause of pain.  What are the Different Types of Pain? Acute…