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Newborn & Chiropractic Care



The journey into this world definitely isn’t easy! It can be excruciating on both momma and baby! That being said, being born, even under the most routine circumstances, is typically the first cause of spinal stress.

What are some Reasons to take a newborn to a Chiropractor?

– Your baby looks more to one side or keeps his/her head to only one side

– Problems latching on or sucking during breastfeeding

– Flattening of your baby’s head/cranium

– Presence of growing pains

– Your baby bears down a lot and shows struggle when having bowel movements

– Inconsolable periods of non-stop crying

– Your baby’s hip joints click when you change his/her diaper

– Your baby has sleep difficulties


So, how is a chiropractor able to help?

Dr. Harmony recommends that parents bring their adorable bundles of joy in to see us as early after birth as they like/need. Dr. Harmony is very gentle in her approach to pediatric care.

She has training in how to treat both pregnancy and pediatrics. She has studied various different techniques to be able to treat your baby with the utmost care, while being gentle and safe.

Are Chiropractic adjustments for babies safe?

Dr. Harmony’s adjustments on children are much different than those she performs on adults. It is an extremely gentle process, and most babies find it quite soothing, most even sleep through the entire treatment! (It probably helps that Dr. Harmony sings to them!).

All it takes is the slightest pressure from the top of her finger to make the correction. Additionally, in each treatment Dr. Harmony likes to teach the parent(s) exercises and tricks they can use to help their baby by themselves at home to avoid the need to come in to see her as often.

Dr. Harmony always says, “babies do not need much, they are a clear canvas and their bodies are smart…they might just need a little guidance.” For this reason, Dr. Harmony does not like to over-treat infants, rather she prefers to help with the present conditions, and then teach the parents how to keep things progressing the way nature wants it to progress.


Chiropractic care can be very helpful during Pregnancy and after for both the mom and baby. We here at Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic absolutely love seeing babies start life well adjusted!

Do not hesitate to give Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic a call and book your little ones in with Dr. Harmony…you won’t regret it!



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