Knee Pain and Chiropractic

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Knee Pain and Chiropractic

Almost all of us have either experienced knee pain or know someone who is currently dealing with it. It is reported that 22.7% of the general population will experience knee pain annually. Activities such as stair climbing, kneeling down, getting in and out of bed, and walking may
become compromised or limited.

Seeing a chiropractor can be a great choice for getting your quality of life back. You don’t have
to accept constant pain and discomfort as the daily norm.

Knee Issues:

Whether you played sports when you were younger or your job requires tons of squatting down, your knees have been through it. Having a previous knee injury often leads to early degeneration in the cartilage as you age. This leads to decreased joint space and can cause inflammation in the joint and bone spurs to form.

Excess weight also puts increased stress on the knees and can lead to early degeneration. Your joints aren’t increasing in size but the force being put on your knees amplifies with more body mass.

Lastly, dysfunction in the hips, ankles, and feet causes alignment changes in the knees which alters the biomechanics and loading. Abnormal loading is a leading cause in early joint degeneration.

How can Chiropractic help?

Your chiropractor can will go through a comprehensive history and exam to pinpoint what’s going on. Once determined, they can begin multiple treatments such as:

Spinal Adjusting – Any limitations throughout your spine have a downward effect on
the biomechanics and compensation patterns related to your lower extremity.

Extremity Adjusting – Your hips and ankles are the joints most closely related to your knees functionally. When they experience limitations, the knees will alter their function to create stability for the purpose of completing movements. Knee adjustments can also be beneficial to decrease inflammation and restore proper joint function.

Ultrasound – Helps decrease inflammation and induce biological responses to fast track healing.

Rehab – Strengthening the surrounding musculature is critical for force generation and preventing reoccurrence of injury. It is also optimal for dealing with dysfunction in patellar tracking.

Reach out today if you have questions on how we can help your knee pain!

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